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Special greening system

Puzzle Green

A versatile “green furniture” that allows us to decorate our lifestyle with refreshing plants.

  • It can be easily arranged as a wall, book shelves or other furnishings for offices, boutiques, hotels, hospitals, etc. In other words, the green puzzle can transform its design according to the space. The plant can be displayed on one or both sides and it comes in white, silver, brown or black.
  • With integrated trays/containers, these plant furniture can be maintained only by watering once every two weeks.
  • It is provided at a reasonable cost with quality plants and display.

Floral wall

We are now able to provide you with a slim and advanced floral wall, “midorie”.
Enabling the use of vibrant colours, we are able to expand on different possibilities for design.

This wall planter does not require soil. We can plant directly in this new material and the tank at the bottom brings water to the top through pipes.

Miniature Japanese Gardens

A high technology environment created in special containers and tables are able to control the water, light, humidity and temperature. It took approx. 5 years of research to create this system.

By manipulating the miniature environment, the mosses can create a beautiful scenery very much like the traditional Japanese Gardens. It is a form or art that we have created and it will bring luxury to your space.

Greenery Walls and Roof gardens

There are various methods to juxtapose greens with your environment. Beautiful ivies can be grown on walls, trees can be grown in new places by placing soil on rooftops and even gardens for fruits and vegetables can be integrated.

The government and country is encouraging the development of integrating greens in our environments. Therefore, Universal Engeisha also hopes to be kind to our world by taking challenges to improve our technology and architectural space. Currently, we use a special “Universal Soil” for rooftop and balcony gardens. This original product provides various benefits such as high absorbability of water, the soil stays in place even in heavy rain or wind and it is very light weight.

Examples of getting involved with green environment includes providing a rehabilitation space for hospitals and senior homes,growing food together with other colleagues in the company for harvesting and to share a moment to socialise and promoting a healthier eating habit through agricultural

Wall Decorations

Utilising the space on the wall by integrating greens can enhance the visuals and provide relaxation effects on viewers. By merging our skills in floral arrangements, landscape design and versatile creativity, we are able to find new possibilities for wall decorations and portray a memorable impression that benefits our clients.

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