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April, 1968 UNIVERSAL ENGENSHA CO., LTD, formerly known as UNIVERSE ENGEI, was set up by Takumi Morisaka
February, 1974 UNIVERSAL ENGEISHA CO., LTD was founded with a capital of 3 million yen and expanded its land from zero to about 14,000 m2
April, 1988 Established the Kyoto Office
April, 1989 Established a department for Flower Art
July, 1990 Awarded for excellence of work at an International Garden and Greenery Exposition (Osaka, Japan)
May, 1991 Established the Kobe Office
October, 1991 Increased its capital to 50 million yen
July, 1993 Established the first Tokyo Office; currently referred as the East Tokyo Office
July, 1997 Established the Nagoya Office
May, 2002 Established the West Tokyo Office
June, 2004 Established the Sales Headquarters Office; currently referred as the Tokyo Head Office
January, 2007 Established the North Tokyo Office
April, 2007 Established the South Osaka Office
December, 2007 Established the Shanghai UNIVERSAL GREEN RENTAL CO., LTD
May, 2009 Established the South Tokyo Office
November, 2009 Acquired 100% of VIVA INDUSTRIAL ARTS CO., LTD (Artificial flower) and runs as a subsidiary
December, 2009 Acquired 100% of AOYAMA ZOUEN CO., LTD (Exterior landscaping/gardening) and runs as a subsidiary
April, 2010 Acquired in HM WORKS INC. (Preserved flower)
September, 2010 HM WORKS INC. changed its corporate name to HM WORKS LTD.
March, 2012 Opened a flower and goods shop, RICOCHET, in Q’s Mall (formerly visola) at Mino, Osaka, Japan
April, 2012 Listed on JASDAQ Market operated by Tokyo Stock Exchange
October, 2012 Acquired ROSE POD (Exterior landscaping/gardening) in Shiga prefecture by transfer and acquisition of business.
February, 2013 Acquired KAMORI HANANOZA CO., LTD (Florals) by stock acquisition
March, 2013 Opened a combined flower shop and cafe, FLEUR UNIVERSELLE (flower shop) and LES GRANDS ARBRES (cafe) at Hiroo, Tokyo, Japan
April, 2013 Opened RICOCHET+GARDEN (Gardening shop) at Frespo Mall, Chiba, Japan
December, 2013 Opened a RICOCHET Kobe City branch, Hyogo, Japan
March, 2014 Opened a RICOCHET Otsu City branch, Shiga, Japan
March, 2015 Established the Bridal flower arranging division at Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
April, 2015 Renovated the garden center of Osaka head office(New garden center's name "the Farm UNIVERSAL")
April, 2015 Acquired 100% of Takashimaya Syokubutsuen CO., LTD (Wholesale plants) and runs as a subsidiary
April, 2015 Acquired 100% of Rolling・Greens・Inc (Washington DC,USA) and runs as a subsidiary
February, 2016 Acquired the rental green division from Sedgefield(GA,USA)
March, 2016 Renovated the garden center and the cafe, The Farm UNIVERSAL Chiba(garden center) and FARMER’S KITCHEN(cafe) in Frespo Inage at Chiba, Japan
May, 2016 Acquired the rental green division from Premier(MD,USA)
December, 2016 Established the Yokohama Office
June, 2018 Acquired 100% of MIRAGE GREEN (SINGAPORE) Pte Ltd and runs as a subsidiary
August, 2018 Established the Tokyo Central Office
October, 2018 Acquired 100% of Engei Net CO., LTD and runs as a subsidiary
August, 2020 Acquired 100% of Kobayashinursery., LTD and runs as a subsidiary
January, 2021 Established the Meguro Office
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