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To other companies in the same industry

A message to all horticultural companies abroad, from Universal Engeisha…

Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Singapore and all other countries and cities

A general horticultural company that specializes in plant rental business

49 years of company history

Listed on the Japanese stock market

Predicted Sales by June 2017: about 72 billion yen (including Sales abroad)

Overseas companies:
China: Shanghai
America: two companies in Washington D.C., Charlotte (North Carolina), Greensboro (North Carolina)

Our company seeks M&A opportunities with overseas horticultural companies.


If the company is in a new region, the annual Sales of the company must be over 5 billion yen. It is also possible if the total annual Sales of two companies in the same new region are over 5 billion yen. If the company is in a region where we are already based, the Sales do not have to meet this requirement.

The core business must be plant rental services

The company in a new region must have a manager that can continue to run the business.

The company must be able to create a reasonable profit margin (above 10%)

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