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To other companies in the same industry

A message to all horticultural companies abroad, from Universal Engeisha…

Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Singapore and all other countries and cities

A general horticultural company that specializes in plant rental business

Over 50 years of company history

Listed on the Japanese stock market

June 2020: about 9 billion yen (including Sales abroad)

Overseas companies:
China: Shanghai
America: two companies in Washington D.C., Charlotte (North Carolina), Greensboro (North Carolina)

Our company seeks M&A opportunities with overseas horticultural companies.


If the company is in a new region, the annual Sales of the company must be over 300 million yen. It is also possible if the total annual Sales of two companies in the same new region are over 300 million yen. If the company is in a region where we are already based, the Sales do not have to meet this requirement.

The core business must be plant rental services

The company in a new region must have a manager that can continue to run the business.

The company must be able to create a reasonable operating profit margin (above 10%)

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