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Business Introduction


Basic policy for returning profits to shareholders

Universal Engeisha Co., Ltd establishes the basic policy of dividends to initialize the redistribution of profits, the continuous and stable dividends, by securing retained earnings and enhancement of business fundamentals. The Company continues to maintain the policy of redistributing profits by considering consolidated business results to strive to continue stable dividends.
In accordance to the basic policy, the Company will declare the dividend which is decided at the shareholders’ meeting, once a year at the end of term.
Also, the Company is able to make an interim dividend, which is decided at the Directors’ meeting.

Past Performance

Period Total Amount of Dividend
(Thousand Yen)
Dividends per Share
August 14,, 2017 96,000 20.0
September 24, 2016 84,082 17.5
September 26, 2015 72,072 15.0
September 27, 2014 60,062 12.5
September 28, 2013 60,062 12.5
September 28, 2012 62,812 12.5
September 30, 2011 21,125 5.0

Status of acquiring treasury share

Universal Engeisha Co., Ltd. acquired 110,145 shares on Dec 31, 2016.

Shareholders’ Special Benefits

Currently unenforced.

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